Dibspace – The Private Currency for Small Businesses

I just finished creating a short presentation about how Dibspace works.  I’d love your feedback – especially on the main theme of Dibspace as a private currency.

Since we first launched we’ve talked about the site as a form of barter which really isn’t technically accurate since our members aren’t doing one-to-one trades.

In fact, I created Dibspace because, as a small business owner myself, I found old-timey barter to be so inefficient that it often just wasn’t worth doing. And pretty much every other business owner I knew felt the same.

I wanted to create something better; to give small businesses a way to trade with each other that was as easy as cash – thus the private currency, the Dibit.

As a private currency for small businesses, Dibspace makes it possible for us to come together as a mutually-supportive community, trade valuable resources and help each others’ businesses grow.

Thoughts? Feel free to post a comment or email me at dominic@dibspace.com.


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Member Interview: Jessica Breznau – Southside Booty Camp

Dominic: Southside Booty Camp seems like it’s doing really well. Congratulations! Could you say a little bit on what it’s about and how it works?

Jessica: Southside Booty Camp is an outdoor fitness program for women in the Seattle Parks (with 3 months indoors during the winter season). We are community based and holistic in our approach,  incorporating many modalities and catering to a range of fitness levels.  We build strength and cardiovascular health, increase balance and flexibility, in a very supportive setting. 

It runs 4 days a week, Mondays-Thursdays, in 4 locations in the mornings:  Ravenna (our brand new location), Seward, Lincoln and Volunteer Parks.  Every day is different and we focus on different muscle groups on certain days of the week.  We also organize yoga classes, free nutrition classes and monthly “extracurricular” community outings for campers and guests such as hikes, trail runs and learning the Thriller dance!

Dominic: You’ve been with Dibspace for quite a while. How have you used it to help your business grow?
Jessica: I have had several great clients come in to camp through Dibspace.  Recently, Naomi Bishop, owner of Socialize Me,  wound up doing my new website which is live now!  I also like to reserve some time for a few personal training sessions on the side and it has been fun to have a few kettlebell clients come in through Dibspace (training with kettlebells is one of my loves and something I don’t get to really utilize much in the camp setting).

Dominic: What are some of your favorite things you’ve spent your Dibits on?
Jessica: Dentistry!  I had $2000 of dental work completed this fall. It was amazing!

Also, I found a SOMA practitioner, Amanda Coleman, who I have been with for over a year now who has changed my life – as in I am an inch taller and have greater mobility now than I have had in 10 years.

Dominic: What advice would you offer to other business owners to help them use Dibspace to the fullest?
Jessica: Get out there and make connections. Attending some of the Dibspace functions is a great way to get your business out there.  This is a community thing so it is just like any other networking in that you need to be persistent, put in some effort, have something people want and a good presentation and make sure to post new offers whenever you’re looking for new clients.

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Barter Networking Happy Hour – January 18th!

Join us for Seattle’s BIGGEST and best barter networking event of the year.  Small businesses will be coming from all over the region to talk trade, make new connections and get more business.

Space is limited so RSVP while you can.


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How to get lots of Dibits Right Now

With nearly 300 great new offers in the last week – almost entirely from Seattle small businesses – I bet you’re wondering how to get enough Dibits to pay for things like that luxurious massage you so deserve, that beautiful new website you need or that professional electrician who can fix that weird and possibly dangerous thing your lights are doing.

Despair not. Immediate gratification is at hand.

Right now, you’ll get 30 Dibits for every business-owning friend you bring to the Dibspace community.

That a whopping 1,000 Dibits for just 34 friends.

And it only takes 10 Minutes to invite your entire network:

Step 1: Go to the Invite Page and copy your personal invite code there on the left side.

Step 2: Paste your link into Facebook and Twitter posts, messages to your Biznik network, blog posts or emails to your professional network.

Step 3: Watch the Dibits pile up as you imagine how much fun it will be to spend it all.

(As an optional step 4 you can browbeat them into signing up, but that’s up to you.)

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It’s a beautiful thing

Can I just tell you, I am so happy about the whole offer clearing/renewal thing we just did.  And evidently so is everybody else. In just two days we’ve had over 200 new offers!  And transactions way up too.

Thank you all!

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Old offers are outta here!

Last night we successfully scrubbed all offers over 90 days old.

Now when you go to the Offers Board, you can be confident that every offer is fresh and new and good to go.

We also sent out renewal notifications to let members re-up their offer with a click or two.  AND even better, we added a “Reactivate” feature on your My Offers page so you can instantly bring an expired offer back to life.

Have a look – http://dibspace.com/me/offers (members only, of course).

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Small Business Marketing – The most difficult part made easy

As a small business owner, the biggest challenge you face is just getting new customers to try you out.  Because once they do, you’ll have them hooked and buzzing to their friends, right? (if not then you may have bigger problems.)

Solving this very problem is actually why I created Dibspace in the first place.

As a marketing consultant specializing in small businesses, I saw many hundreds of small/independent businesses struggling to be heard above all the marketing noise and grab attention just long enough to convey how great they are and why someone should give them a shot.

It’s terribly inefficient and takes time away from doing what you love. After all, only marketing consultants go into business to do marketing. Everyone else does it because they have no choice.

Here’s where Dibspace comes in…

Dibspace lets you get back to work by giving you an easy way to trade goods and services with other great businesses.

So rather than spending your valuable time trying to grab a scrap of attention, you’re working for great clients, building your reputation and getting what you need to make your business grow.

If you’re yet a member, take a minute to sign up now and see just how easy it is to trade what you have and get what you need.

And if you are a member – tell your friends. They’ll thank you for it.

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