Welcome to the Dibspace Blog.

Dibspace is the world’s easiest barter system.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of wasting time searching for that perfect barter partner, Dibspace members quickly and efficiently trade with each other using the site’s simple trade credits.

For example:

1. Abe pays Bob’s Building Services 1,000 “Dibits” for a some remodeling work.

2. Bob takes that 1,000 Dibits and spends it on ad space in a local paper, a gift certificate for a local restaurant and a new logo from Cate’s Design Co.

3. Cate uses some of her Dibits to pay Dave’s Dentistry for routine checkup.

And on it goes – thousands of members trading what they have and getting more of what they need.

Take 3 mintues to sign up now.

Not only is Dibspace FREE, but you’ll get up to 50 Dibits (worth $50) just for giving it a test drive!

See you there!




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