Dibspace Top 10: Tami Aidlin – Rasterize.Us

Next up in the Dibspace Top 10 is Tami Aidlin, owner of web design company Rasterize.us.

Tami specializes in websites for small businesses and when you see her portfolio you’ll see exactly why she’s at the top. Simply put, she’s exceptionally good at what she does.

Over the years I’ve worked with many, many hundreds of small businesses and seen many hundreds of small business websites, and I can tell you that her work is some of the best I’ve seen.

If you’re not in thoroughly in love with your current website, you really should just call Tami this very instant and get yourself a website that can take your business to the next level.

You may have a bit of a wait though because, partly due to Dibspace but mostly due to her own talent, her business is in high demand:

Dibspace has helped my business grow so much that I sometimes have clients lining up to hire me! I have had the pleasure of doing some great projects with some very talented people, while expanding my clientele and portfolio.

“My experience with Dibspace has been awesome!  It’s so fun to spend Dibits on things I have a hard time spending cash on, like, housecleaning, massage and acupuncture.  My favorite experiences were finding an electrician, someone to repair my furnace and a GREAT face-painter for my daughter’s birthday party. While I didn’t know anyone that could provide these services, having a resource like Dibspace allowed me to take care of projects at a reduced cost.”

– Tami Aidlin, Rasterize.us



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