Dibspace Top 10: Susan Cook, LMP

Congratulations to Susan Cook, LMP for reaching the heights of the Dibspace Top 10.

To recap, that means she’s earned more 5-Star reviews than just about anybody in the history of Dibspace –  33 perfect 5-Star reviews, to be precise.

Finding the massage therapist who’s right for you can be challenging, but given how her clients rave about her, you can probably just end your search right now.

See for yourself what her clients say:

“This woman is magic!”
“I melted into the table.”
“I felt so good after my massage, and for the next few days.”
“Her technique is superb and she is a really fine human being”
“Susan is wonderfully gifted.”
“I’ve been to several massage therapists over the years, and she is definitely one of the best I’ve been to.”

And here’s what Susan has to say about the site that helped connect her with all those clients:

Dibspace has been great for my business. I am a small sole-proprietor with a business that works best with one-on-one referrals. Dibspace has been like a neighborhood or village fair for me.  Posting offers and dibbing the services that others have posted has enabled me get to know other small businesses and business owners in my area. Dibspace helps me meet their needs, and helps me receive services I need, while helping me market myself without impacting my cash budget.

Susan seems pretty busy these days so don’t delay in booking that appointment – and pretty soon you’ll be one happy customer.


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