Who are the Top 10 Dibspace members of all time?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to find out who are the Top 10 Highest Rated Dibspace Members of all Time.

That is, in our two years of existence and of the thousands of transactions conducted on the site, who has consistently, time and time again, made their customers very, very happy and earned the very most full 5-Star reviews?

The results are in and to kick things off, I’m starting with Kay Rynerson of Crow’s Wing Spa.

Kay has certainly been one of our most active members, and it shows. With 26 5-Star reviews, Kay is the solidly in the top ranks.

And that’s just the reviewed transactions. Just imagine how many more happy customers there are out there. So if you’re looking for a truly wonderful spa experience, you know exactly where to go.

And what is she spending all those Dibits on? According to Kay:

“I’ve saved thousands of dollars by using Dibits to have events catered, organize my office, provide a wedding planner and flowers for my daughter’s nuptials, get massage and acupuncture, wear a Halloween costume created by a professional designer, computer expertise, graphic arts services, window cleaning and more.”

But beyond making customers happy and getting lots of great stuff, what has been the impact on her business beyond Dibspace

“My Dibspace videographer’s YouTube production and my Dibspace social media specialist’s efforts made our spa so popular that we are now booked out for weeks, some days with waiting lists!

That’s a common story among the most active members: Dibspace helps you build your business and referral base and pretty soon customers are coming at you from all corners.

Now we can’t take all the credit for their success, but we’re happy we could help.

For updates and features on the complete Top 10 check back with the Dibspace Blog or follow us on Facebook.


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