Dibspace – The Private Currency for Small Businesses

I just finished creating a short presentation about how Dibspace works.  I’d love your feedback – especially on the main theme of Dibspace as a private currency.

Since we first launched we’ve talked about the site as a form of barter which really isn’t technically accurate since our members aren’t doing one-to-one trades.

In fact, I created Dibspace because, as a small business owner myself, I found old-timey barter to be so inefficient that it often just wasn’t worth doing. And pretty much every other business owner I knew felt the same.

I wanted to create something better; to give small businesses a way to trade with each other that was as easy as cash – thus the private currency, the Dibit.

As a private currency for small businesses, Dibspace makes it possible for us to come together as a mutually-supportive community, trade valuable resources and help each others’ businesses grow.

Thoughts? Feel free to post a comment or email me at dominic@dibspace.com.


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