Member Interview: Jessica Breznau – Southside Booty Camp

Dominic: Southside Booty Camp seems like it’s doing really well. Congratulations! Could you say a little bit on what it’s about and how it works?

Jessica: Southside Booty Camp is an outdoor fitness program for women in the Seattle Parks (with 3 months indoors during the winter season). We are community based and holistic in our approach,  incorporating many modalities and catering to a range of fitness levels.  We build strength and cardiovascular health, increase balance and flexibility, in a very supportive setting. 

It runs 4 days a week, Mondays-Thursdays, in 4 locations in the mornings:  Ravenna (our brand new location), Seward, Lincoln and Volunteer Parks.  Every day is different and we focus on different muscle groups on certain days of the week.  We also organize yoga classes, free nutrition classes and monthly “extracurricular” community outings for campers and guests such as hikes, trail runs and learning the Thriller dance!

Dominic: You’ve been with Dibspace for quite a while. How have you used it to help your business grow?
Jessica: I have had several great clients come in to camp through Dibspace.  Recently, Naomi Bishop, owner of Socialize Me,  wound up doing my new website which is live now!  I also like to reserve some time for a few personal training sessions on the side and it has been fun to have a few kettlebell clients come in through Dibspace (training with kettlebells is one of my loves and something I don’t get to really utilize much in the camp setting).

Dominic: What are some of your favorite things you’ve spent your Dibits on?
Jessica: Dentistry!  I had $2000 of dental work completed this fall. It was amazing!

Also, I found a SOMA practitioner, Amanda Coleman, who I have been with for over a year now who has changed my life – as in I am an inch taller and have greater mobility now than I have had in 10 years.

Dominic: What advice would you offer to other business owners to help them use Dibspace to the fullest?
Jessica: Get out there and make connections. Attending some of the Dibspace functions is a great way to get your business out there.  This is a community thing so it is just like any other networking in that you need to be persistent, put in some effort, have something people want and a good presentation and make sure to post new offers whenever you’re looking for new clients.


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