How to get lots of Dibits Right Now

With nearly 300 great new offers in the last week – almost entirely from Seattle small businesses – I bet you’re wondering how to get enough Dibits to pay for things like that luxurious massage you so deserve, that beautiful new website you need or that professional electrician who can fix that weird and possibly dangerous thing your lights are doing.

Despair not. Immediate gratification is at hand.

Right now, you’ll get 30 Dibits for every business-owning friend you bring to the Dibspace community.

That a whopping 1,000 Dibits for just 34 friends.

And it only takes 10 Minutes to invite your entire network:

Step 1: Go to the Invite Page and copy your personal invite code there on the left side.

Step 2: Paste your link into Facebook and Twitter posts, messages to your Biznik network, blog posts or emails to your professional network.

Step 3: Watch the Dibits pile up as you imagine how much fun it will be to spend it all.

(As an optional step 4 you can browbeat them into signing up, but that’s up to you.)


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