Sustainable Seattle Launches Community Currency Marketplace

Seattle-area sustainable businesses and nonprofits now have an easy and free way to connect and share vital resources.

Brought to you by Sustainable Seattle, the  Sustainability Cubed Project (S3) is a community currency marketplace for businesses and nonprofits who are actively working to promote sustainable communities, economies, and ecosystems.

Rather than let goods, services and even office space sit idle, Sustainability Cubed members offer these resources in the S3 marketplace and trade using the site’s simple trade credits.

With S3, everyone from sustainable farms to web designers to architects to printers and community organizations can trade what they have and get more of what they need.

The Sustainability Cubed Project will become a great empowering force in our local sustainable community, but only with your participation and your support.

If your business or nonprofit is actively working for a sustainable future, please join us and help spread the word throughout the community.

Get started.

1. Create a free Dibspace account.

2. Go to the Sustainability Cubed marketplace and request membership.

3. Once you’re “approved”, Post an offer to the community

4. Invite the community through your newsletter, email, Facebook and Twitter.



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2 responses to “Sustainable Seattle Launches Community Currency Marketplace

  1. Jct: I just love thinking that every transaction you do without using bank currency is one less vigorish payment going to the banks.

  2. Dominique-Your site is so easy to navigate and fun to use. There are so many nice people with wonderful and interesting items — Its like I am choosing Christmas presents for myself!
    OK, I will stop. But it truly is fun and easy to see all the great offerings, and I sold something the first hour I was on!
    I thank you, and will not hesitate to sign up my friends, both business and personal.—-Regards, Tom Leonard-Decorate Your Walls!

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