Dibit Life: New House

Dibit Life is off to a roaring start.

For a whole year I’ll be getting everything I need through Dibspace.com and paying for it all with Dibits – the site’s simple barter currency.

To kick things off, I moved into my beautiful new house – rented with Dibits, of course. Throughout the year, I’ll visiting a whole lot of great Dibspace businesses and video blogging about it all.

Truth be told, I’m a little nervous.  As far as I know, nobody has ever attempted to live entirely on a barter currency. And I know there will be rough spots, especially in the beginning stage.

But I’m going to push on through no matter what, because it’s not enough to just SAY you can do great things through Dibspace.  The time has come to SHOW it… in a big way.

And by living through Dibspace, it will give me a chance to bring in countless new businesses to give YOU – our beloved members – more of what you need.



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2 responses to “Dibit Life: New House

  1. Ross

    Major coup getting the house. Much appreciation for gum shoeing the town to round up more essential businesses.


  2. endithinks

    This is fantastic! I imagined a room perhaps, or maybe a studio, but the fact you got a house is very impressive.

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