Day 28: Look’n good

It’s getting down to the wire in my quest to live on nothing but Dibits.

Fortunately I think I might have a place to stay.  Actually I have a few possibilities but I don’t want to start getting all giddy just yet.


In other news…


I got myself a fine hair cut – for Dibits, of course.

This was from one of my favorite stylists – Bettina Zaga, owner of Running With Scissors.

Not only does she make me look real good – as you can see in the Before/After


I love it.  In part because I dread going to salons. I don’t know why but I’d rather be in the dentist’s chair than the barber’s chair.

Even if you’re a big fan of salons though, it’s so incredibly convenient to not have to deal with the travel and the parking and the waiting.

As for what SHE is going to spend her Dibits on – I hear she just hired someone to handle her yardwork and landscaping.


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