The Silent Killer (dun dun DUNNNNN)

A silent killer stalks your business…

Few businesses know what to call it. Some survive it, many don’t, and most spend their days battling it with every weapon at their disposal.

Economists call it “excess capacity.”

Excess Capacity is the valuable goods and services left over after you’ve loaded up with as many cash-paying customers as you can, traded with other businesses and slacked off enough to maintain your sanity.

Excess capacity can feel like a brick wall –  making it harder to sustain and improve your business, which makes it harder to attract and retain customers.

Now imagine that wall suddenly smashed to bits.

Imagine a fast-paced online marketplace where you quickly turn excess capacity into the things your business needs like branding, advertising, printing, admin support and computer hardware.

That’s exactly what Dibspace does.

As an online marketplace explicitly for excess capacity, Dibspace gives you the upper hand.

Rather than let valuable goods and services sit dangerously idle, businesses get paid for it in Dibits – the currency of Dibspace – then spend those Dibits improving their businesses and their lives.

With Dibspace, your business becomes more efficient, more resilient and ready to grow.

If you’re not already a member, sign up now.  Now only is it FREE, but you get up to 50 Dibits for joining!


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One response to “The Silent Killer (dun dun DUNNNNN)

  1. Ross

    Great graphic way to explain it.

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