Capitol Hill has its own Currency (Yet another reason to wish you lived here)

As if Capitol Hill didn’t have enough going for it already, we now have the Capitol Hill Seattle Marketplace –  a private Dibit-based marketplace just for the Hill.

So, in effect, it’s like the neighborhood just got its very own community currency.

And because it’s so hyper-local, businesses go all out to give locals great deals. The Marketplace is pretty new but you can already get everything from dry cleaning to ice cream to bar tab.

All of which is a godsend for me since in about 30 days I’ll be living entirely on Dibits.

Now, if you’ve never used any of the 200 community currencies in this great land of ours, you might not realize just how exciting this is.

With the Capitol Hill Seattle Marketplace, local businesses and residents can come together and trade and build community, all without trifling with those scarce US dollars. Businesses get local customers and earn currency to spend on other local businesses. And local residents can sell their stuff and earn currency to spend local.

The Marketplace is brought to you by the venerable Capitol Hill Seattle Blog in collaboration with the neighborhood’s backbone organizations: the Capitol Hill Chamber, Capitol Hill Housing, Seattle Gay News, NW Film Forum and the Capitol Hill Community Council.

That’s a pretty awe-inspiring team, to say the least. You rarely meet anyone so willing to give all they got for their beloved neighborhood. And with these guys working together, there’s a good chance we could create our own local economic boom.

So if you live or work on the Hill, join the Marketplace now and help us kick start this sucker.


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