Barter for Health Care? No problem.

Nevada Senate candidate Sue Lowden is taking a lot of heat for advocating a barter system for health care.

Some of the ridicule is well-deserved. In particular, her focus on using chickens as a medium of exchange is just begging for parody.

She is onto something though.  If you just replace “Chickens” with “Barter Currency”, her plan works out beautifully.

As a core component of Dibit Life, in which I’ll be living entirely on Dibspace’s barter currency – the Dibit – I’ll probably need some form of health care at some point. But so long as there are docs out there with some vacant appointments who need some of the stuff on Dibspace, I’ll have no problem whatsoever.

Bartering for health care is a powerful idea that could be tremendously beneficial for doctors and patients. But for it to work, we need to get past the medieval notion of chicken-swapping and look to the modern tools that are right in front of us.


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