Living on Dibits – Press Release

[If y’all know any bloggers or journalists, send them this release because this is one big scoop!]

Recession Be Damned!  Seattle Startup Founder Pledges to Live ENTIRELY on New Online Currency – the Dibit.

Modern day spin on age-old practice of bartering to help local community support each other and thrive during cash crunch

April 16, 2010 (Seattle) – With cash in short supply, the Puget Sound community is rapidly discovering a new way to come together and trade. Rather than relying on dollars, many are turning to “Dibits” – the online currency of And to prove that that you can, indeed, live on Dibits alone, company founder Dominic Canterbury has pledged to do just that – for an entire year.

“I’m excited,” said Canterbury. “Living purely on a secondary currency is uncharted territory, but given the strength of the Dibspace economy, I should be able to live pretty lavishly.”

With over 1,500 live offers to choose from, his chances are good and growing stronger by the day. With four thousand members and nearly a half-million dollars worth of goods and services already traded, the Dibit is quickly becoming the standard to break the stranglehold of an ever weakening U.S. dollar for small businesses and individuals.

Dibspace is a revolutionary new way to market your business. As a business, you choose exactly what to offer up for Dibits, whether it’s a specific appointment, an open spot in a class, a vacancy you want to fill or a product you want to move. And by accepting Dibits, you give thousands of potential customers a gigantic incentive to choose you over the competition.

A business can then turn around and spend the Dibits they earned to cover many core business and personal costs like web design, restaurants, legal services, ad space, home repair and even the occasional llama (seriously).

“Freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses of all stripes are turning to Dibspace in droves,” said Canterbury. “With cash and clients in short supply, many are finding this new barter currency just might save them and their businesses from becoming another casualty of the economy.”

To promote his quest, Canterbury will blog and video blog about his experiences to highlight the fantastic businesses that are a vital part of the local economy and the Dibspace community.  You can follow his adventures at

Media Contact
Dominic Canterbury, CEO
206-245-5140 is a free online marketplace where businesses and individuals exchange goods and services using Dibits rather than dollars. Launched in February 2009 by marketing consultant Dominic Canterbury and former Microsoft Program Manager Aaron Brethorst, Dibspace has grown to 4,000 members with over $400,000 worth of trades. Though membership is currently centered in the Puget Sound region, Dibits can be earned and spent anywhere in the United States.



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2 responses to “Living on Dibits – Press Release

  1. Ross

    I am glad to see that you are taking on this challenge. Can’t wait so see how it goes. More than ever local currencies are needed.

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