Day 3: Getting nervous.

To pull off this All-Dibit life, I might just have to hire a personal assistant (for Dibits).

In the three days since I started the 45-day count down, I accomplished almost NOTHING in my quest to switch from cash to Dibits.

WHY? Because being the CEO of a rising startup is a whole lot of work.

I spent Wednesday lining up new partnerships, doing taxes, talking to a reporter, replying to member questions, blogging, etc, etc.

Thursday I worked on our press list and press release for our big PR push. THEN I went to the big Block Party for the Elliot Bay Book Co. (where we had a table) to promote Dibspace. And THEN I went home to work some more then took off on a 2-hour errand which is too annoying to get into.

End of work: 11:20 PM.

I did, however, make quite a few incredible contacts with folks who could be VERY instrumental.

I must say no more, but I will brief you as the story develops.


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