Ceviche at 22 Doors – For Dibits!

Somehow, everything tastes better with Dibits.

Especially when you’re talking about the amazing Seafood Ceviche at Capitol Hill’s 22 Doors (405 15th Ave E).

As the kids say, OMG!!!!!1

I’m not sure what I like better – the tiny, tasty, 8-legged sea creatures, the scallops, or the fact that I paid for it ALL (plus a pint or four) for DIBITS.

I reiterate… OMG!

Maybe this Dibit-Life won’t be so bad.

And what’s 22 Doors going to spend those hard earned Dibits on?

I talked to the manager and so far he’s racked up enough to pay for ad space on Publicola and/or the venerable Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. (Holy MOLEY that’s awesome).


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