“What the *%#$ am I DOING?”

That’s the thought I woke up to this morning.

I mean, I have 44 days left to entirely shift my expenses from cash to Dibits…. for a whole YEAR!

In all of human history, has anyone ever done something like this?

Probably not.  But, momentary panic attacks aside, I’m happy to be the first.

With 1.5 months before the cliff, there’s a whole lot to line up.

The biggest one, of course, is rent.  For that, I’m going to reach out to some local developers to show them how they can use Dibspace to attract new tenants while earning Dibits to pay for things like cleaning and maintenance services.

For an apartment owner, it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially considering Seattle vacancy rates are at a historical high.

So, ahem, if YOU know any apartment owners – I need to talk to them like NOW! (otherwise I’ll be waking up with panic attacks every %#$% morning).

The other big expense is food, but we got some good stuff already. My two favorite Restaurants/Bars are big Dibspacers and their food is outstanding.

$25 off your tab! (25 Dibits) at 22 Doors

Cocktails, Beer and Sushi (20 Dibits) at Liberty

Of course I can’t chow down there every night, so I’ll be working my tush off to recruit new my other favorite restaurants AND maybe some local co-ops!

I’ll keep you posted.


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