How lavishly can you live without spending a dime?

I’m about to find out.

I’m giving myself 45 days to reduce my budget to $0, while maintaining a lavish lifestyle filled with nights on the town, great food, great health care, a nice apartment, entertainment, yoga classes and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Instead of dollars, I will pay for ALL of it in Dibits – the currency of

With 4,000 members and over $400,000 worth of trades in just 14 months, Dibspace is rapidly becoming a full fledged economy here in Seattle. And with the US Dollar in short supply and so many goods and services going to waste, the country badly needs a second national currency like the Dibit to fuel trade.

Of course, being such a young economy Dibspace doesn’t have everything you and I might need. But it will be my mission to round out the Dibspace economy, and to show how—with Dibits—businesses and individuals can thrive in even the worst economic times.

I have no idea what challenges lie ahead, but I believe deeply in this cause, both for me and for the nation. And when you believe so deeply in something so important, you have to go all in.

And to keep you right there with me, I’m going to blog and video-blog every struggle and every triumph: the awesome days of yoga and seven-course dinners, the not-very-awesome days of eating nothing but broccoli and everything in between.

One BIG caveat: Parking meters and public utilities don’t take Dibits…yet. So, for the rare occasion when I have to spend ‘real’ money, I will publicly document the amount and purpose.


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  1. Becca

    Also, an interesting note: the IRS doesn’t take dibits either. So we the 1099-B rolls around, how to pay that?

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