Two Currencies, One Nation

Capitalism might well be the best idea humanity ever devised.

(It’s so productive and efficient, I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!)

But lurking behind the stunning achievements of the free market lies a troublesome paradox: The medium of exchange which fuels market competition – the dollar – is entirely deprived of competitors.

In other words if, say, a bunch of big investment banks make some colossally bad decisions and screw up the money supply, spending stops and we’re all screwed.

But WHY?

Did businesses become less productive?  Did individuals suddenly want less stuff?

Most certainly not!

The people yearn to trade. The only thing missing is the medium of exchange.

But when the dollar is mismanaged and fails to perform, we have nowhere to turn.

Until now.

We created Dibspace to remedy this great inefficiency in the US economy. Now whenever the dollar isn’t doing its job, Americans can easily switch to a new medium of exchange – the Dibit – and keep trade humming.

In our modern free market economy, a secondary currency like the Dibit is essential to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods and services.  When one currency is weak, the other is strong, and all citizens continue trade what they want and get what they need.


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