An Open Letter to Ben Bernanke

Dear Ben,

I know you’re doing your best to manage the US economy, but frankly it’s just not cutting it.

While vast amounts of goods and services sit idle, the nation is paring down and going hungry.

But why? When there’s ample supply and strong demand, it’s the job of the US dollar to facilitate the trade, but under your guidance, the dollar is failing to perform its duty.

To solve our national crisis, we have two options.

Option 1: Old Fashioned Barter. (I’ll give you a goat for that pig!)

Option 2: A second national currency designed to pick up the slack for the ailing Dollar.

The first option is right out! Humanity created money to overcome the negotiation nightmare of bartering.

The second option – a new currency – is not only where we should go. It is where we are.

A new national currency – the Dibit – is on the rise.

From this moment on, whenever the dollar fails to perform, the American people can instantly switch to the Dibit and keep commerce flowing.

The Dibit breaks the stranglehold of the Dollar.  Now any businesses or consumer can freely trade all the goods and services that the US Dollar leaves out in the cold.

Sorry but our slavish reliance on the US Dollar is over.

Recession be damned: with the Dibit, the people will trade.

Fear not, Ben. We do not intend to replace the Dollar.  But we do intend to make the US economy more efficient – to let American buyers and sellers exchange, no matter what turns the economy takes.  Because where where the dollar is weak, the Dibit is strong.

Thanks for listening, Ben.  I believe that by working together, you and I will keep the American economy the strongest in the world.


Dominic Canterbury



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