Dibspace LIVE: The Indie Business Trade Show

It’s ON, my friends.

The Dibspace LIVE: The Indie Business Trade Show will be a full two orders of magnitude beyond idle networking chit-chat. Not only will you be able to show, demo and display your talents, you’ll also be signing up new clients on the spot (more on that in a moment).

It’s gonna be a rowdy business blowout with free food and drinks, exciting contests, demonstrations, freebies and big prizes.

The event will be at the spacious Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company where they have tons of beautiful marble counter space for you to set up shop. But if you present, you better wrack your brain to make it rock because we’ll be giving out a big prize for the best one.

Here are some examples of rockingness.
Let’s say you’re a…

  • Photographer: Setup a backdrop and offer free head shots
  • Chef: Bring a tray of tasty treats
  • Attorney: Offer 5-minute consults
  • Yoga instructor: Offer a demo on workplace stretching
  • SEO Guru: Bring your laptop and give free website reviews
  • Carpenter: Build a model to highlight your skills

You get the point.

And even if you’re not officially presenting, bring your marketing materials, portfolio, or some kind of demo because we all want to see what you do.

But here’s where it gets really, REALLY exciting.

We’ll have a bank of laptops so you can sign up new clients on the spot through Dibspace.com.

What’s Dibspace.com, you ask?

Dibspace is a revolutionary new way to market your business. Next time you have some open space in your work day, you’d post an “offer” on Dibspace for just those hours. Your offer would then go out on the website for our 3,000 members to see.

But to give these thousands of potential new customers a gigantic incentive to try you above everyone else, they would hire you with the site currency – the Dibit – instead of US dollars. The thing is, you can turn around and spend those Dibits on tons of things that you and your business need, like web design, legal services and home repair. Or a llama (seriously). And with over 1,100 live offers to choose from, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you like.

Space is going to fill up very FAST so get on it NOW. To get on the presenter list, send me a brief description of your demo idea (dominic at dibspace dot com). And like I said, make it good because we’re only taking the best.

Or, if you’re not in a presenting mood… you can become an event sponsor by bringing food and/or drinks (beer, wine, non-alcoholic). As a sponsor you’ll get tons of publicity and even more gratitude.

Either way, contact me SOON.


Dominic Canterbury
Founder/CEO/Chief Customer Support Officer


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