Seattle Times: “No cash? Barter for services with ‘dibits'”

Dibspace was just featured in the Seattle Times:

Something didn’t feel quite right, and Amber Tande knew it.

For a long time, she’d considered hiring a feng-shui adviser to help streamline the energy in her Wallingford home, but she wasn’t prepared to pay for it.

Then Tande, owner of Rain City Yoga, discovered Seattle-based, a modern-day spin on the age-old practice of bartering, and one of many such exchanges fueling a global revival.

Before long, she’d hired interior redesigner Gwen Williams and, two consultations later, wall paintings were moved a few inches, certain porch furnishings got ditched and Tande’s sanity was restored — all without her having to part with any cash.



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2 responses to “Seattle Times: “No cash? Barter for services with ‘dibits'”

  1. mp

    do any one can tell me what Seattle-based earn from this?
    no place in there site exspress the biz model
    they have a site – and do not earn?

    icqipq et gmail dot com

  2. more blogs please! i dig you guys!!!

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